Hello, out there. Yes, we here at TORK have added another dimension to our blogiverse with this Antler Reproductions & Castings blog. Why? I suppose you might just be asking. Well, we have been lucky enough to have been hooked up with some big names, most notably at present, is Nick Skinner, whose muzzle-loader Iowa state record (212 2/8 inches/non-typical & grossed more than 230 inches) has caused waves of excitement through the hunting community. We made a mold, knocked out several copies, and painted them for Nick, who was well pleased with what we presented to him. (see images below). Here is also a link to an article about the rack: Skinner Buck


We are currently working on several other antlers for some of our new clients, and pictures will soon follow.

So if you hunt, or know someone who does, and they have a rack they want repros made of, please send them our way, and we’ll be happy to help them.

Thanks, The TORK crew

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